Today @ 2pm: Walmart Workers Speak Out at OWS

Walmart Workers Demand Respect! STOP CORPORATE GREED


Teach In at Liberty Park with Walmart Workers

**Immediate action on Walmart in NYC will be announced**

The Waltons, the family that built Walmart’s global empire, are the .0000001% richest

And Walmart’s 2.1 million associates worldwide are the 99%


Workers have formed an organization, OUR Walmart: Organization United for Respect at Walmart, to fight back and stand up for their rights at the world’s largest private employer.

  • Sam Walton’s daughter, the heiress to the Walmart fortune, is the tenth richest person in America, and 21st richest in the world.
  • Walmart Associates are the life-blood of Walmart, and yet they are not treated with respect.
  • Walmart’s CEO Mike Duke took home $18.7 million dollars last year, the same year they cut profit sharing for employees.
  • According to a recent study, Walmart can easily afford to pay its workers a living wage but chooses not to.

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