OWS Spokes-council replaced with “Racial Justice Framework Workshop”

Last night, the regular Wednesday Spokes-council meeting for the entire #OccupyWallSt movement was replaced (through full consensus) by an Organizers Workshop: Organizing through a Racial Justice Framework. The workshop was led by Rinku Sen, Executive Director of the Applied Research Center (ARC) and focused on building multiracial alliances and viewing the movement for economic justice and against corporate greed as inherently racialized issues. Approximately 300 people attended and the night went off smoothly, with a lot of great work begun.

The workshop was first organized through the POCcupy Outreach Subcommittee’s “POCcupy Your Block”, a People of Color take on the¬†Occupy Your Block¬†project, which has been “calling for the winter months to be a time of teach-ins, open forums, potluck meetings, discussion groups, local general assembly meetings and community building projects." We are proud that POCcupy has been able to make racial justice a priority for the Occupy Wall Street movement, and for the Spokes, who are charged with making logistical decisions!

For an idea of some of Rinku Sen’s talking points, you can check out an article published by ARC’s magazine Colorlines.com, and specifically an article she wrote for The Nation in November addressing the need for racial justice in the movement, entitled: Forget the Diversity Debate, It’s About Occupying Racial Inequity.

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